Construction Technology Consulting Services

Successful construction companies depend on technology and workflows that are measurable and replicable. My services will help define, purchase and implement the "right" software or process for your company.

Tech Profile and Road Map

Document your current and future technology stack

What is an IT Roadmap? An IT roadmap is a blueprint for the organization’s adoption of technology for the next 18-36 months. It will consist of distinct projects that have a business purpose, budget, project plan, metrics to gauge progress and establish what success looks like. It is critical that your IT roadmap has a business champion that isn’t the IT department, CFO, or CEO. An effective roadmap will enable the business to integrate the outstanding tools available into a cohesive solution.

Requirements Development

Define requirements for changing needs

Business requirements are the critical activities of an enterprise that must be performed to meet the organizational objective(s) while remaining solution independent. Requirement are gathered across departments and work groups. They represent the best view of the work groups and metrics. This activity is the most important of pre-selection activities in that good requirement lead to better solutions and process improvement.

RFP Development and Solution Selection

Find the best solution for your growth strategy

The RFP represents the outreach to the vendor community, It must represent the combined needs of the user community or the selection will not be optimal. Doing the selection research will let you see what similar organizations have done. You can find out what practices, processes and norms have worked and those that haven’t. These efforts contribute to a selection weighting matrix and optimize the selection process.

Solution Implementation

Organizational implementation and change management

Software implementation refers to the process of adopting and integrating a software application into a business workflow. Implementation of new tools and software into an enterprise can be complex, depending on the size of the organization and the software. Prior to implementation, the software should be selected by assessing needs, budget, potential benefits, obstacles, and so forth. 

Metrics and Dashboard Management

A company cannot improve what it cannot measure

Metrics should be tied directly to the organization’s current business issues. To be effective, they should report not just results but also show cause-and-effect relationships. A metric should provide a complete story that includes a measure of quantity, quality, time, cost, and customer satisfaction. Each of these items may not be appropriate for every metric, but they are all important measures of performance. In addition, to really understand the story behind the numbers, the company needs to be able to compare these results with a benchmark that might include prior experience, similar statistics from a competitor, or internal goals. Components of a good metric include

Just in Time Business Analyst

Adding a key resource when needed

As companies look for digital solutions to remain competitive, the demands on the IT and business planning resources become stretched and possible less prepared for the work. This can slowdown the selection and implementation of new digital solutions and greater productivity.  A part-time business analyst takes on the role of process improvement  and solution implementation. An analyst can  work across departments, gather and assemble requirements, build the RFP and help create the selection criteria. The analyst can also assist in the implementation and training of the new software.


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My team and I have over over 40 years of experience working in digital solutions and applications. We are especially adept at optimizing workflows with digital technology. We can help you rationalize a digital technology spend. 

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